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Tangled (2010)



Tangled marks an interesting point in Disney’s evolution. For a decade, Pixar had produced more creative and more artistic films. It had produced more memorable characters and more impactful stories. With that company’s acquisition in 2006, Disney also bought the brains behind Pixar’s magic in John Lasseter.

With Lasseter in charge of all creative for both companies, though, the vision behind each set of films began to meld and slowly become indistinguishable from one another.

Tangled marks a clear beginning of that process. It is the first film that Lasseter oversaw from start to finish. The film was announced a year after Lasseter took hold of the reins and Pixar became part of the Disney family of companies.

With a budget of $250-million, Disney bet big on Tangled being a huge success. Given the box office gold that had come with Lasseter’s previous projects, it was more than likely a safe bet. But it was still $100-million more than anything Disney had spent on a film in the past decade.

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Fantasia (1940)

The Sorcerer's Apprentice makes some magic of his own.

As a kid, I will admit, I hated this movie with a passion. The film has no story line, barely any dialogue, no engaging characters. The music didn’t even have any lyrics! In short, my eight-year-old self found it completely boring. What I’ve come to realize now is Fantasia is no kid’s movie. It’s art in every sense of the word. And, after viewing the film for the first time as an adult, I’ve gained a newfound appreciation for Walt’s crown jewel. Indeed, The New York Times review in 1940 said, “Motion-picture history was made.” And that’s no exaggeration.

William, on the other hand, has loved this movie since his first viewing. He has tried many times over the years to get me to watch it with him, but my eight-year-old memories turned him down every time. He’s likely pretty excited now to know that I’ll be up for several more viewings over the course of our lives.

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