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The Little Mermaid (1989)

Ariel’s signature tune, “Part of Your World,” is one of Howard Ashman’s best-known works.

Dear Howard Ashman,

Thank you for my childhood.

Growing up during the Disney Renaissance, you, Howard, were more Walt Disney to me than Walt himself ever was. You weren’t just one of the many working on the great films of this time, you breathed life into these timeless masterpieces. Watching The Little Mermaid, it’s not hard to see your fingerprints all over it, your vision infused throughout. You had such an unparalleled sense of music and storytelling. Your numerous Academy Awards (some even awarded posthumously) with longtime collaborator and composer Alan Menken are a tribute to the way you reinvented the Disney animated musical. (Between you and me, Alan hasn’t quite been able to hit that level since you left this world.)

The soul of Mermaid is, of course, Ariel. And she really has your heart. As a girl, I found qualities in Ariel to which I could aspire. She is naturally curious, genuinely accepting and fiercely loyal. She is not afraid to stand up for herself — a rare characteristic in the Disney canon up to this point. While, today, I want Ariel to aspire to more than catching Prince Eric’s eye, I still love her just the same. She wanted more from life, and would stop at nothing until she got it — even if that meant trading her beautiful voice for the legs that would get her to her end goal. And that’s something to admire. I love her spunk, I wanted her red hair, I even tried to use a dingle hopper once.

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