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Meet the Robinsons (2007)

Lewis the inventor.

Lewis the inventor.

With Meet the Robinsons, Disney finally began its upswing, regaining its footing once again. And it was all because of one move: John Lasseter had joined the company.

There have been three people in the history of the Walt Disney Company whose passion for animation has done not only great things for the company, but for the medium as a whole. Walt Disney himself was, of course, the pioneer; Howard Ashman brought his artistic vision to the renaissance; and, now, John Lasseter is making his mark.

Way back in 1986, Lasseter was one of the executives at a small computer company that spun off from LucasFilm. They decided to call it Pixar. When Steve Jobs bought the spinoff from George Lucas for $10-million, he was warned that this renegade group of eggheads were more interested in animation than building a computer company. That, as it turns out, was just fine.

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