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Fun & Fancy Free (1947)

Mickey and the Beanstalk

Mickey, trapped in the hand of a giant, lights a match.

The slow return of Walt Disney’s claim as an artist.

Fun & Fancy Free maintain’s the studio’s post-war struggle to produce feature content, packaging shorts together and marketing them as features. Lacking the funds to develop “Bongo” and “Mickey and the Beanstalk” — the two components of “Fun & Fancy Free” — into separate films, the studio packaged them together.

Jiminy Cricket, voiced by Cliff Edwards just as in Pinocchio, hosts both films and introduces the audiences to each of the stories. “Bongo”, the story of a circus bear who escapes to live in the wild and is disappointed with his choice until he wins the affections of a lady bear, leads the two films. “Bongo” demonstrates that Disney was fascinated with the circus, but doesn’t seem to have thought very highly of it.

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