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Dumbo (1941)

As Dumbo's mother is imprisoned, she slides her trunk through the bars to rock her baby to sleep, singing the Oscar-nominated song Baby Mine.

Dumbo is the movie that made every child cry. When the titular elephant’s mother is hauled away before his eyes and thrown behind bars, Dumbo curls up in his mother’s trunk — as close as he can be to her — and lets her rock him back and forth as she sings. The audience is in tears.

Dumbo is a script short on dialog. It is Disney’s only animated feature in which the title character never utters a word. Even Dumbo’s mother only has one line of dialog: early in the film when she speaks his real name (Jumbo Jr.) for the first time — it’s the catty circus elephants she shares a train car with that nickname him Dumbo. The film is only 64 minutes long. But it is widely regarded as the most raw and emotional of all of Disney’s animated features. The only film which has since come close to packing that much emotion into such a short amount of time was the opening sequence of Pixar’s Up — even though not technically a part of the traditional canon.

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